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This is a stunning Bold Blue design.

The Bold Blue Xero invoice Template includes all the necessary information required, product description, quantity and total cost.

If you purchase the Bold Blue Templates, we will need to edit the banner and add your business logo onto each banner.

Some users have also asked us to add in there own banner, there are limitations on the size of the banner. [ALL content must reside on one page]

The Logo size used in this banner is 100 x 100 px or 3.53 x 3.53 cm, this is a requirement to achieve the same outcome.

Banner size: Height: 5.9 cm, Length 21.11 cm.

The pack includes three templates: Invoice, Statement and Credit Note with the Blue banner.

The cost of the pack also includes us adding in your own logo or banner with logo. [*If your own logo or banner/logo do not meet the size requirements they will not be able to be added into the templates.]


Please contact us after the purchase and we will add in the logo or banner/logo after you have purchased the product.


We designed the banner and logo for Bold Blue, Mary’s Place, Trix, Monday, Midsummer Escapes and Demin and Lace.


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